A series of paintings by Jane Nicol.





Are we damaging the Earth to the extent of self-destruction?  Despite the science being in, and the facts being logically irrefutable, we somehow just don’t “believe” our responsibility or the inevitable consequences.  Perhaps the widespread dissemination of more comfortable belief systems allows us to ignore reality?


These thoughts inspire the series “Nobody’s Planet.”


The concept behind the series is abstract.


The paintings appear abstract but are not. They are of human figures entwined within the flows and structure of rock formations.  They are a personal discussion of the concept of ownership, the destructive arrogance of belief systems, and the fact that we are a part of what we destroy.


Whether we hold to religious belief or not, we are all affected by the underlying credos. The three most widespread belief systems on the planet all hold in common a creation myth that an all-powerful Father figure gave our ancestors the Earth, to hold “dominion” over it and “every living thing that moves upon the Earth?”


The energy of the concept of ownership, superiority and right to despoil, infuses our treatment of the Earth.


Taking a step back, it seems obvious that the Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth.  We are embedded in our environment.


Plundering and laying waste to our environment, we plunder and lay waste ourselves.  Perhaps we’re too blinded by Faith to see reality, and too invested to realise and admit that blindness.


Can we see beyond our faithful blinkers to achieve a sustainable future? Do we want to?


Paintings in the series:


1. Our Lady of Extinctions

2. We are of Such Stuff

3. Save the last Dance

4. The Shadow of Her Smile

5. Our Little Life

6. Eat Your Sacred Heart Out