Are you aware of exactly where you are?


What you’re doing?


Or even who you are?


These questions are not asked allegorically, nor intended as cause for contemplation into some greater sense of purpose. Quite simply they relate to our perception of ourselves, and the relationship that the efficiency of that perception allows us to have with the world.


Twenty years ago an accident changed the way I experienced the world, and I discovered I could paint.
Painting became an integral part of my expression of self.


In 2022 I sustained injuries from a serious car accident forcing me to re-evaluate things as simple as being able to hold a paint brush. I’m working to overcome degrees of failure in the face of daily tasks I once took for granted.


For now, due to injury, I am unable to paint. I’m committed to finding a way through long-term recovery back to some form of creativity, but for now I am on hiatus from painting commission and exhibition work. Prints from existing works are still available.






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