‘Rusty & Jack’ for Wounded Heroes

Before my accident and my career turnaround into art, I was a psychotherapist specialising in trauma resolution. I understand from personal experience how PTSD can ruin the lives of its sufferers and their families. It seems to me that not nearly enough is done to help the men and women of our Armed Forces who return home haunted by the horrors they have been exposed to in action.


The subject of my most recent portrait, Rusty Perry, is a lovely local guy who plastered my new studio/gallery here in Maleny QLD.  While he was here working we got to talking about to his horses and his involvement in the local Light Horse re-enactment Troop. Together we started brainstorming about how a portrait of him and his troop horse, Jack, might be used to help raise money for one of the charities that provide much needed support for Australia’s returned service men and women.


So, here it is, finally: my portrait of ‘Rusty and Jack’. I hope you like it.  And if you do like it, I hope you like it enough to buy a signed limited edition reproduction and help raise money for Wounded Heroes Australia!


I’ve made it available in three sizes, designed to be accessible to everyone regardless of budget. Perhaps it would make a good Christmas present for someone you love? One hundred years on since boys in the uniform Rusty wears were dying in service, I hope we can raise in excess of $100,000 for a very special cause.


Order prints of Light Horse military portrait 'Rusty & Jack' by artist Jane Nicol supporting Wounded Heroes Australia