‘Future Imperative’ Sculptures Highly Commended in SOTE

Future Imperative I and II


I’m not sure whether I’ve returned to my long ago roots in sculpture, (I majored in Sculpture at Gray’s School of Art, UK, many years ago) or whether these new pieces are just 3D paintings.


Anyway here they are, ‘Future Imperative’ I and II: an experiment in which the process informs the result and the titles. The concept that we need to change from ‘plastic humanity’ to sustainable humanity is built into the construction of these pieces.
My intention became to produce work that blends and engages with the natural environment in the way that humanity must do, to survive.


Using resin I have applied natural foliage, then many hours of painting, to recycled fiberglass figures. The works are finished in a series of coats of 2 pack finishes to weatherproof and protect from UV. A heavy base is constructed in rustproofed steel and I designed it to be hidden beneath ground level in the garden, although they also come with interior suitable glass bases.


As part of the 2016 Sculpture on the Edge Award exhibition at Spicers beautiful Tamarind Retreat in Maleny, I chose positions for these pieces in which I hope they looked to be a harmonic extension of their natural environment, as opposed to the unnatural drain humanity has become on the planet’s resources. I think of these as my 3D paintings and an expression of my concern for the way humanity is painting the planet.


Both pieces were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2016 Sculpture on the Edge Award.